LEVEL 2 – TR86

LEVEL 2 – TR86

The key feature of this level is the introduction of data analysis and interpretation. VBOX is an excellent coaching tool we use and the data is made easy to interpret for all levels of drivers. We breakdown and critique the data to expose areas that can be improved, this can later be applied, practiced and monitored on the track. Rest assured, the data will be put to good use with the extra laps this package includes!

**Required to participated in Level 1 or have driven a race car on a Motorsport NZ circuit

  • Toyota TR86
  • In Car Coaching
  • Up to 50 Laps
  • Data Analysis & Video Interpretation
  • Pro Driver reference lap
  • Oversteer and Understeer
  • Car Control
  • Racing lines, car positioning
  • Steering Technique
  • Trail Braking Technique
  • Vision – reference points
  • Take home vision/data from VBOX

Current Dates Available

  • 20 & 21 May 2024
  • 17 June 2024