LEVEL 4 – FT50

LEVEL 4 – FT50
$ 4,999 + TYRES & UP TO 60 LAPS +GST

Get experience on the National Circuit and have a taste of the performance on the same circuit used by the Toyota Racing Series. We will call upon New Zealand’s leading motorsport talent to give you a further edge.

**Required to have comp/eted previous FT50 level/s &/or have raced

  • National Circuit
  • TRS FT50
  • Up to 60 Laps
  • Extensive Data Analysis & Video Interpretation
  • Driver Reference lap vs 2x TRS Champion Daniel Gaunt
  • Race Start procedures
  • Practice Race starts
  • Race Simulations
  • Race ready
  • Take home vision & Data – Replay recorder

Current Dates Available